Uncertainty Village at ConFest

ConFest is about peace, love and herbal tea. Uncertainty Village is about peace, love, herbal tea, mathematics and science.

Uncertainty Village is a space at ConFest which acts as a hub for conversations and workshops with a scientific basis. Astrophysics, immunology, climate science, neuroscience, and self-improvement without the woo.

We first developed our vision at Easter 2015, and launched at Easter 2016.

The intent is to bring positive messages of the awesomeness of science, rather than to focus too much on what others are doing. Education and dialog rather than snark or arrogance. We can cope with other people believing weird stuff and still love them. It’s ConFest, after all!

More information: 

Uncertainty Village – science at ConFest (Facebook page)

ConFest: website, FB group. (You can also search FB for the upcoming event or group page, e.g. Easter ConFest 2017.)

Next events:

Uncertainty Village will be at ConFest in Easter 2017.

I’m committed to supporting Uncertainty Village at future Easter ConFests. If there is energy and support, it could happen at other future events as well, e.g. if a Spring or New Year ConFest gets off the ground, or at Burning Seed. (But if there’s already something similar at Burning Seed, maybe we’d just join forces.)

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