Speaker Agency

Coming in January 2020

Getting ready to launch

Amazing speakers moving audiences.

For your conference’s keynote or your business breakfast, we have a range of engaging and insightful speakers who will change the way you think, and change how you feel.


The name of the agency is still a secret (and it may change before launch). For now, it’s Chris Waterguy’s speaker agency.


Our aim is to create the conditions for positive change through connection, learning, insight and collaboration. Our speakers have in common a passion for a life and career that is more than financial success.

Speeches and seminars are on a range of themes include on a range of topics related to impact, effectiveness, our environment, communication, connection, and removing barriers to collaboration.


Keynote speeches.


Smaller events. Depending on availability, some of our speakers are available for other functions.


While most of our speakers are in Melbourne or Sydney, we also represent speakers in Europe and North America.


Contact Chris here or call (in Australia) 0439 471 632.