I help people as a way to work on myself, and I work on myself to help people. – Ram Dass.

I’m exploring how to live better and how to help others do the same. This blog is a way to share what I’ve learned, what I’m learning, and what I’ve found to work.

Most have a far greater potential than we’ve realized so far, and I’m determined to continue to create change in the lives of others and myself. I’ve studied life coaching, and for years have been thinking and learning about the psychology of change. I have a skeptical outlook and believe in testing ideas – remaining open-minded, but being as rigorous as possible about finding what works. So I document what I learn about personal change – the science, the practice, the motivations, what works, the easy wins to start with, the trickery to avoid, and what doesn’t.

I struggle, fail, succeed, connect, fail to connect, reconcile, fall back into old ways, and through it all I make long term changes and improve my life. In recent years I’ve become more determined and systematic, made bigger changes, and have found paths that deserve much more attention

This blog will be particularly relevant aimed at those who have been labeled as disorganized or lazy, who struggle to keep track, or who have been diagnosed with ADHD. What works for other people may not have worked for you, so I’ll be looking at different, workable approaches.

I’m Chris Watkins – I live in Melbourne, have worked in sustainable technology (helped to create Appropedia, the leading wiki for sustainability, and worked on Decarbonise). I’ve done things I’m proud of, and I’m determined to do much more – to have a positive impact on my world, and to have a better life myself. That’s why I’m coaching and why I continue to learn about the mind, about habits, and about tools to equip us on our quest for a meaningful, connected life.

I’m happy to share this quest with you.


To contact me privately, leave a message below. I look this forward to hearing from you.